Email Professional Services brought to you by Red Pill Email, publisher of the industry’s first and only vendor guide produced by an experienced email marketer, has deep roots in the email marketing industry. We are on the bleeding edge of smart strategies that drive revenue and reduce list churn for our clients.

  • Strategy – No matter your industry, goals or business objectives, we can develop and execute a strategic plan that works. We have experience working with clients across many vertical sectors
  • Creative – Our designers know the ins and outs of designing for email. From mobile optimized responsive templates to email coding and creative best practices for getting the most from your call to action, we have your creative design needs covered.

Deliverability – Getting to the inbox is a constant challenge for the email marketer. ISPs regularly update their algorithms for detecting spam and legitimate marketers often get caught in the cross-hairs. We have years of experience in troubleshooting and resolving deliverability issues for clients across a wide range of industries.